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The reason this story is here at my site, is because this was the first thing I posted here when I first built this site. It was the focus of this site for a long time, until finally I made the site reflect all my interests. It was actually an assignment in my high school English class. We were reading Beowulf and we were assigned to take the story and put our own spin on it by placing it in a different setting and time period. It's not my best piece of writing, but it is the reason I have a site, so I gave it a permanent home. Thanks for taking time to read it.
-Joe David

This story is seperated into three chapters so you don't have to read the whole story now, you can visit the site again later. It's a science fiction story that takes place at the end of the 20th century. Enjoy!!!! (Original version written-Spring 1997. This version revised in Summer 1998)

By: Joe David Soliz

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All art concerning the Battle of the Wild story is drawn by Roy Gonzales

Original Concept Sketches by Roy Gonzales

Battle of the Wild & All Characters associated are of Joe David Soliz.

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