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What's New?

10-03-2006: Well, not much new. Still working on A.J. plus there's several other projects in the work, so maybe ONE of them will get done someday. It think it's time for a site redesign. If I have time and the ideas I may work on that next.

01-03-2006: Happy New Year! My 1st New Year as a married man. There is life again in A.J. I'm working hard to seriously get him out this year. Wish me luck!

01-13-05: Well, A.J. is dead...for now. But the good news is, I'm getting married in 5 months! Let my new life begin!

08-25-04: I doubt anyone checks this site anymore, but I still update it just to humor myself. I'm now in my 3rd year of teaching. We should have had Average Joe up two years ago. But fate said otherwise. Maybe one day we'll get our shot.

02-23-03: Ok, I know I said Fall/Winter 2002 for A.J. and believe me we tried! But I found my new job as a teacher to be more demanding than I thought. But the good news is the site is active and we have 15 comic strips ready. Now I just need to arrange the site so I can post the strips. He'll be up soon.

06-30-02: Well, things are moving steadily along for me. I got a job with Fort Worth I.S.D. so I'll be relocating myself to Fort Worth this summer. "A.J." is coming along slowly but surely. It looks like we're looking at a December release at this rate. Stay tuned!

05-13-02: Finally, I'VE GRADUATED!!! Yup, on May 10, 2002 I officially became a college graduate. What's next? Well, I'm looking to move up to Fort Worth and teach. But as you saw on the main page, my friend's and I have a project in the works. "A.J." should hopefully be up and ready to view by the end of this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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