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Original writings by Jesse "Coke" Brown

"Eyes on You"

What can you do when everything that you do is wrong?

What can you say when all you've ever said made no sense?

Where can you stay when no one wants you to live anywhere?

Who can you be when the person you've been is not you?

Who can you love when everyone hates you already?

Why should you live when living leads to death anyway?

"The Lion and the Bull"



There once was a lion. And the lion was very hungry. So the lion went out to find something to eat, and he found a bull. The bull was big, and tasty looking. So the lion jumped on the bull and killed it and ate it. The bull tasted good and filled up the lion. And the lion was happy, so much so that he began to roar. And the lion roared so loud that a hunter who was in the area heard the roar and foud the lion and shot the lion.

The moral of this story is that if you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

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