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Battle of the Wild-Part 3


Grendel is busy tearing apart a most recently deserted local grocery store. Wulf positions his men, three on the roof, four outside, and three will go in with him. Grendel senses danger. He lifts his snout and attempts to sniff the air for trouble. Wulf tells two men to circle around right and he takes one with him to the left. However he didn't count on the fact that his guy would get scared straight.

"Officer, get out of the clear, he can see you." But the patrolman cannot hear Detective Wulf. All he can hear is growling and he can see those glowing red eyes inch toward him. Grendel is on the poor young officer in two seconds. The young twenty-three year old can only think of his little girl who he will never see again.

"Open fire!" Wulf yells out. A blaze of gunfire fills the room and Grendel howls in pain. A medley of shotguns, automatic rifles, and plasma guns sound as Grendel falls to the floor. "O.K. boys sweep him up and throw him in the trash."

Wulf feels his chest swell up with pride as he looks down at his victory. Then it drops down to his stomach as he sees that Grendel is still very much alive. The monster slowly comes to his feet. He is now more enraged than ever and he takes it out on the first police officer he sees. The poor guy doesn't even get a chance to scream. Grendel tears through the other two officers like they are sheets of paper. Wulf unloads with his plasma rifle, shooting bolts of pure energy at the creature that would fry a normal human. However, in doing so he discovers part of the super DNA's ability that Professor Grendel was not aware of-it's ability to adapt to situations. Grendel's body, already mutilated by the first wave of plasma, begins to act strangely. Like a super computer, Grendel's body realizes that it had been injured because it's outer shell was too vulnerable. It now resembles an armor-like state.

Bert Wulf has always been known as an intelligent man. So in order to live up to that reputation, he does the smart thing and runs.

Wulf barely leaps out of the store in time as Grendel comes crashing through the wall after him. He manages to hide from the monster and as Grendel attempts to sniff for him the snipers on the roof do their job and open fire on him. Grendel is annoyed with this so he runs off as the bullets strike him. In his new form the bullets feel like mosquito bites. When Grendel is well out of sight Wulf comes out and orders the snipers down.

"Shit! I lost all my men. He tore them into confetti. He went north into the city. Patrolman. What's on the north side of the city? I need the names of businesses or plants or some kind of installation."

"Well sir, there's the Highland Mall, the electronics factory, the oil refinery…"

"Hold up, how far is the oil refinery from here?"

"It's clear across town about thirty minutes."

"O.K. I need a chopper here A.S.A.P."

"Yes sir, E.T.A. five minutes."

"Now men help me go into the grocery store and get some meat. We're going to prepare a feast for Mr. Bigfoot. Let's move."

Grendel races across the city, jumping from building to building. He reaches the oil refinery and decides to leave because of the unpleasant oil smell until he detects another smell. His mind thinks cattle where Edwin Grendel would have called the smell hamburger meat. He goes into the refinery and finds a nice little pile carefully placed under an eighteen-wheeler with oil barrels on the back. Grendel pays no attention to the barrels or the rope tied to them. He just wants the meat. So much for the super animal that is "smarter" than any human.

"Now!" Wulf yells. The police officer pulls on the rope and all the oil pours down on Grendel. The monster begins to scream with anger.

"O.K. cook him!"

Wulf and the other officers open fire with their plasma guns and the afternoon sky ignites with flames and the screams of the monster. Grendel howls in pain as the fire consumes his flesh. But Grendel won't go down so easily. He struggles to get up and then begins to charge Wulf and his men. All the men take cover except Wulf.

"It's just you and me now fur ball. I always say, in order to solve something, you have to get to the source of the problem." He lifts the patented Hyper Cannon which had been outlawed by international treaty but Wulf just happen to find one lying around in the confiscation room down at police headquarters. It's been outlawed because of it's destructive power as Grendel will soon find out.

"So long, Bigfoot." Wulf pulls the trigger on the Hyper Cannon and Grendel's head is vaporized.

"Let's see you reform without a brain to tell you how."


Down at city hall Mayor Roger Dane is waiting to congratulate Detective Wulf. "Well Detective Wulf I am glad to see you succeeded but not without cost. We lost some good men out there today and the Oil Company will want compensation."

"Well Mr. Mayor, isn't that always the way. I guess that's why I'm divorced three times and always broke. I'm sure Chief Furgeson will be happy to flip the bill. Send it to him with my regards and tell him where he can shove it. As for me, I did my job. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go check on my city and make sure there were no mutant monsters running around while I was away. I'll see you around." He fumbles around in his trench coat, finds a cigarette, lights it and walks out.

"If that man were any harder he'd be a rock." Mayor Dane quietly says to himself. Wulf begins to think to himself as he walks away. "What kind of crazy world are we living in now. First pollution, then the A.I.D.S. epidemic, and now we have mutant monsters running around. When I was a kid I always hoped we'd be like the Jetsons when I grew up. Now I think we live like humanity was portrayed in some of those futuristic movies Hollywood always made about a post-apocalyptic world. Well, we haven't gone through the apocalypse yet but we sure are close. Welcome to the human race."


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