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Battle of the Wild-Part 2


Police Chief Gunther Furgeson has been a cop for twenty years now. He's solved over a hundred crimes and mysteries ranging from burglaries, to kidnappers, rapists, murders, and even a couple of riots.

But in all his years of police work, he has never seen anything like what's been happening in Highland City lately.

"Chief Furgeson, we've just gotten four more reports about homicides in the downtown area. It's the same scenario, forced entry, the whole place was torn apart and so were the people."

With this Furgeson's eyes leave his paperwork.

"Thank you patrolman, just leave it on my desk." As he reads the report he thinks to himself, "What could be causing this? I almost wish the zoo would call and tell me that a wild animal is loose, but unfortunately this surveillance tape that we confiscated from the labs at the Cain Corp. after that incident earlier this week tells me differently." He pulls out the tape that's labeled-Lab 47,Monday, Sept. 7, 1999. He's already watched it about a hundred times but each time he does he cannot believe what he sees. First it shows persons who have been identified as James Anderson-genetic researcher, Edwin Grendel-Cain Corp. scientist, and the big man himself Abel Cain-owner of the Cain Corp. Chief Furgeson watches as the situation on screen turns from a conversation, to a disagreement, to a fight, and then a struggle. Then comes the good part. The professor falls to the floor and,in a series of twists and turns, changes, until the monster appears. Then the monster attacks and kills Anderson and then throws Cain out the window. It then leaves the room and goes throughout the complex causing chaos and disorder, but that can be seen on the other surveillance cameras. Chief Furgeson turns off the image and sits back in his chair.

"I'm going to need help on this one."


This is Greystone City. It is not as advanced as Highland, but it's satisfactory for the citizens. Police Chief Hector Glacsky has had his share of dangerous police work. However nothing has prepared him for the phone call he just received from Highland Police Chief Gunther Furgeson and the video surveillance image that he received over the e-mail. Then a smile fills his face as he comes to a decision.

"I've got the perfect man the for the job."


The next day, chief Furgeson paces his office waiting for the "perfect man for the job" as Glacsky had told him. His door opens and a tall well-built man walks in the door. He takes off his trench coat, sits down, and lights a cigarette. Furgeson takes one look and instantly recognizes the man. "I know you, you're Detective Bert Wulf. I can't believe Glacsky sent you of all people."

Detective Wulf puts down his cigarette and lets up his guard. "Excuse me chief, but have I wronged you in another life. I believe this is the first time we've met and for some strange reason I get the feeling you don't like me very much."

"You're damn right I don't like you. Oh yes, I've heard of the legendary Detective Bert Wulf. He's tough as nails, street smart, and always gets his man. Well from what I recall that wasn't the case when you went after that Mafia guy Tony Brecca. He pulled a fast one on you didn't he. He agreed to turn himself in when all he did was set a trap for you that resulted in a high speed car chase in which you let him get away with a couple of my men as hostages who ended up dead."

"From what I recall chief, it was you who didn't follow orders that Chief Glacsky had given you. Your men weren't supposed to be anywhere near the pick-up site. You ordered them to go and when Brecca saw them he panicked and took off, with your men."

"So you're blaming me for my men's deaths. You bastard, how dare you!" Furgeson jumps at Wulf but before anything can happen…"Stop it both of you!" Furgeson and Wulf turn to see Mayor of Highland, Roger Dane. "Both of you sit down and stop acting like children."

"Sorry mayor but…"

"Yes Chief Ferguson, I know of the story behind you two but Chief Glacsky felt that Mr. Wulf here would be able to help us. Do you think you can Mr. Wulf?"

"Well I don't know. First tell me what the problem is and then we'll see."

"I'll do better hotshot, I'll show you, follow me."

Furgeson leads them into the viewing room and Detective Wulf is speechless as he watches the tape.

"Well, have you called Spiderman for this one. No? How about Superman? He's better at dealing with monsters with superhuman strength."

"Mr. Wulf people are dying out there. I hardly think this is the time to be cracking jokes."

"Yes sir, mayor, I'm sorry."

"So, can you or can you not help us."

"Well if Chief Furgeson will so kindly lend me some men and let me play with some of his toys from the arms storage, then we can go and take Bigfoot down."

"O.K. Wulf but I want my weapons AND my men back, understood."

"Loud and clear, let's get moving."

Wulf goes down to arms storage and looks around. Only the most powerful weapons will do. He then lines everything up for his squad of ten men. He puts out a shotgun, an automatic rifle, a plasma gun (technology's newest weapon), and a 45mm handgun, for close encounters.

"Now to find Big-foot."

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