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Battle of the Wild-Part 1


The city is called Highland.

It's America's newest city. It's got the latest everything: technology, transportation, even down to the latest video games. In this city, progress is priority one and if you're not part of the progression, then you're part of the regression. In other words people live by the old saying, "you snooze, you lose." Of course, as there is in every city, there is one of the new companies that is ahead of the game. It's the tower that stands the tallest in Highland's downtown area. However, the tower resembles a vertical prison more than a company. Security lines the outside from the street all the way up to the sign that reads "The Cain Corporation: Genetic Research and Development." Now, genetic experimentation is not illegal, but the animal rights activists don't tolerate experiments done on animals. Of course, the Cain Corp. would never officially claim that they use animals for experimentation. It's just a rumor that is swept under the rug. Regardless of the activity, legal or not, all activity in the Cain complex is monitored by businessman and owner, Abel Cain.

"Mr. Cain we have a report from priority research level, Lab 47."

"Report then Mr. Anderson," Mr. Cain demands with a voice that could command an army.

James Anderson is just one of the many personnel who work at the Cain Corp. There are many days he wishes he didn't.

"Dr. Edwin Grendel reports that he has successfully found a way to borrow genetic characteristics from different animals by splicing their genes. He also reports that he can combine different DNA samples into one single strand in order to create what he calls the perfect creature." The smile on Cain's face widens with delight. "Ah, my reliable little professor Edwin Grendel. He is one of my few scientists who has never let me down. Let's pay him a little visit Mr. Anderson, shall we."

As they both walk down the halls of the complex, Mr. Anderson begins to wonder why he didn't listen to his parents and go to law school. Maybe then he wouldn't have to deal with strange people, only represent them. As he walks into Lab 47, he begins to question his decision to become a genetic researcher. The lab resembles something out of a horror film.

"Edwin, I hear you have some good news for me."

"Yes Mr. Cain, after months of research and study I've found a way to isolate the traits from many different animals. I also may have found a way to combine all the good traits and fuse them into one to create a creature like none other on this planet; a creature that can withstand all climates, heal wounds faster and more efficiently, and is smarter than any human."

"Very good professor. Do you have a demonstration?"

"Yes Mr. Cain, let us come and…."

"No!" Mr. Anderson yells out. " I cannot let you do this. It's wrong to toy with nature like this. You're playing God and it's not right."

"Mr. Anderson, I'm very disappointed in you, but at the same time I am proud to let you know that you've just volunteered for the professor's first experiment. Edwin, inject the new super DNA strand complex into Mr. Anderson."

"No stay away from me!" Anderson yells. But the professor pulls out the syringe and lunges forward as he attempts to inject Anderson. The two struggle on the floor, punching and kicking and then…....

"Ahhhh!" Grendel yells out. " You fool, you've made me inject myself. Now I must….Ahhhh!"

Edwin Grendel screams as the pain that courses through his body lets him know that his super DNA is a success. However, what Professor Grendel will never know is that his formula wasn't a complete success. He feels his "perfect body" form as his clothes rip off and his body becomes a hulking mass of muscle and fur. His entire body begins to morph according to the DNA instructions but it cannot handle the information it is receiving. The primal instincts of hundreds of animals takes over. His human form and his sanity are gone. All that remains is the one thing nature's creatures survive on…killer instinct.

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The mutation takes less than two minutes but Mr. Anderson and Mr. Cain weren't keeping track of time. They watch as the creature which was once Edwin Grendel stands up. By now the creature stands ten feet tall with midnight black fur, red eyes and fangs on its face.

"It... it.. resembles a demon from the furthest depths of hell." yells Anderson. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Cain never actually see the attack coming. The last thing Anderson sees is a big hairy mass that engulfs him as he screams and is ripped to shreds. Abel Cain has never been a brave man but for some reason he gathers himself enough to communicate with the monster.

"Grendel, stop this at once!" While these aren't exactly famous last words it was all Mr. Cain could say before his feet are taken out from under him. The world turns in circles, the shattering of a window, and then clear open sky. Abel Cain didn't have much time to think of anything in the last moments of his life. One moment he could have sworn that he was just standing in Lab 47. Then came the pavement.

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