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Babe of the Month Archive

(This is something I did with my friends while in college. Each month I'd ask a different friend to give me a celebrity that they liked and I'd post it for them as the Babe of the month. It was just a silly college thing, and it stopped in 2002 because I graduated.) Click below to view pictures of the Babes!

JULY-Halle Berry
AUGUST-Jennifer Aniston
SEPTEMBER-Jennifer Lopez
OCTOBER-Cindy Crawford
NOVEMBER-Denise Richards
DECEMBER-Britney Spears
JANUARY-Catherine Zeta Jones
FEBURARY-Jessica Alba
MARCH-Jennifer Love Hewitt
APRIL-Alyson Hannigan
MAY-Salma Hayek
JUNE-Jeri Ryan
JULY-Shannon Elizabeth
AUGUST-Carmen Electra
SEPTEMBER-Claire Forlani
OCTOBER-Rachel Weisz
NOVEMBER-Natalie Portman

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